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Putting with a modern spin.

Puttery offers adults an immersive experience unlike any other. From competitive socializing to curated culinary options and inventive craft cocktails, one thing is for sure – you can always count on an epic night out.

The Courses

Each unique course is designed to be a visceral, intricately detailed experience that transports guests to a wholly unexpected location. From rooftops to libraries and more, you just have to see it to believe it.

The Tech

Forget the pencils. Our scoring technology means all you need to do is plug in your score on the digital scorecard at each hole and make sure you’re beating your friends.

The Food & Drink

Putting is just a part of the experience. Our chefs and bartenders have created a menu of delicious shareable eats and craft cocktails. Whether you win or lose, there’s always food. And drinks.

The Vibe

An epic night out is whatever you make of it. At Puttery, you can nosh, sip and chill at one of our many bars and lounges while listening to some great beats. You can play a round, or not. Either way, you’ve got everything you need to win the night.